Exide Professor of Business & Professor of Marketing, University of South Florida.
Email: dbiswas@usf.edu        

Website: www.dipayanbiswas.com

Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

MBA, Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad

Federally Funded Grants
- Principal Investigator for grants totaling $22,049 funded by the USDA (US Department of Agriculture), for research on sensory factors influencing children’s food choices.
            - Grant of $11,318 in 2014
            - Grant of $10,731 in 2013
- Co-Investigator, Environmental Protection Agency - National Science Foundation Research Grant (# R826611) for $181,851 (for research project on beach pollution).

Other Awards and Grants
- Outstanding Area Editor Award at Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 2018.

- Association for Consumer Research – Sheth Foundation Dissertation Proposal Award (and $2,000 Grant), October 2002.
- Runner-up, Academy of Marketing Science – Mary Kay Dissertation Award, May 2003.
- Society for Marketing Advances Dissertation Proposal Award (and $500 Grant), November 2003.
- Award for Best Paper in CB Track at the American Marketing Association Winter Conference, February 2009.
- Award for Best Paper in CB Track at the American Marketing Association Summer Conference, August 2010.
- Grants totaling $2,340 from Association of Consumer Research for projects on Transformative Consumer Research, related to food shape, ambient scent, and consumption, 2013–2015.

- Recipient of Academy of Marketing Science Outstanding Teacher Award, 2015.

Prominent Discipline-based Services
- Area Editor, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (since 2017).

- Guest Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Research (2018).

- Associate Editor, Journal of Retailing (since 2018).

- Associate Editor, Journal of Business Research (since 2016).

- Member of Editorial Review Board: 

            - Journal of Marketing

            Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.
- Guest Editor, Journal of Retailing Special Section on Sensory Aspects of Retailing (2019).

- Editor, Journal of Consumer Marketing (2014-2016).

- Associate Editor, European Journal of Marketing, (2010 – 2014).

- Co-Chair, Academy of Marketing Science Conference, Orlando, May 2016.

My interviews and my research have been featured extensively in the media, by over 200 media outlets, including the ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NBC, New York TimesWashington PostFitness magazine, US News & World Report, Women's Health​ magazine, Men's Health magazine, Allure magazine, Health Magazine, Redbook magazine, Huffington Post, Prevention magazine, Fast CompanyTimes of India, WebMD, BBC, Daily Mail (UK), CNN-IBN Live (India), Good Housekeeping magazine, Scientific American magazine, Tampa Bay Times, Zee News (India), NPR, Shape magazine, Glamour magazine, Financial Times, Der Spiegel (German magazine), La Dernière Heure (French-language newspaper in Belgium), Goed Gevoel (Dutch-language magazine in Belgium), Saldo (Swiss magazine), and Bulgaria DNES (Bulgarian newspaper), among others.

My research has influenced business practices and also received wide media coverage.
Several of my published papers have high Altmetric scores (“which examine each article’s record of attention, measure of dissemination, and indicator of influence and impact”: JCR webpage).
- My 2017 JMR and 2019 JMR papers have the highest Altmetric scores among all JMR papers.
- My 2019 JAMS paper has the highest Altmetric score among all JAMS papers.

- My forthcoming JCR paper has the tenth highest Altmetric score among all JCR papers.



Biswas, Dipayan and Courtney Szocs (2019), “The Smell of Healthy Choices: Cross-Modal Sensory Compensation Effects of Ambient Scent on Food Purchases,” Journal of Marketing Research, 56 (1), 123-141.

            This article has an Altmetric score of 487, which is the second highest Attention Score among all JMR papers: https://sage.altmetric.com/details/53575899
           This article is also the most read/downloaded JMR paper in January-July 2019 (with 4900+ downloads; source: JMR website).
           Received media coverage by Time, Newsweek, Women’s Health, etc.

Biswas, Dipayan, Courtney Szocs, and Annika Abell (2019), “Extending the Boundaries of Sensory Marketing and Examining the Sixth Sensory System: Effects of Vestibular Sensations for Sitting versus Standing Postures on Food Taste Perception,” Journal of Consumer Research, forthcoming.

​           An earlier version of this research received the award for best paper in the “Consumer Wellbeing” track at the 2019 Winter AMA Conference.
          Received media coverage by US News & World Report, Times of India, etc.

   This article has an Altmetric score of 279, which is the tenth highest Attention Score among all JCR papers: https://oxfordjournals.altmetric.com/details/60534872

- Ruzeviciute, Ruta, Bernadette Kamleitner, and Dipayan Biswas, “Designed to S(m)ell: When Scented Advertising Induces Proximity and Consequently Enhances Appeal” Journal of Marketing Research, conditionally accepted.

- Lefebvre, Sarah and Dipayan Biswas (2019), “Influence of Ambient Scent Temperature on Food Consumption Behavior,” Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, forthcoming.

Biswas, Dipayan, Kaisa Lund, and Courtney Szocs (2019), “Sounds Like a Healthy Retail Atmospheric Strategy: Effects of Ambient Music and Noise on Food Sales,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 47 (1), 37-55.

           This article has an Altmetric score of 298, which is the highest Attention Score among all JAMS papers: https://www.altmetric.com/details/40754739
           Received coverage by 100+ media outlets, including by NY Times, Washington Post, Fox, etc.
           An earlier version of this research received the award for best paper in the “Food & Health” track at the 2018 Winter AMA Conference.

- Girard, Anna, Marcel Lichters, Marko Sarstedt, and Dipayan Biswas (2019), “Short- and Long-term Effects of Nonconsciously Processed Ambient Scents in a Servicescape: Findings from Two Field Experiments” Journal of Service Research, 22 (4), 440-455.

- Lee, Na Young, Stephanie M. Noble, and Dipayan Biswas (2018), “Hey Big Spender! A Golden (Color) Atmospheric Effect on Tipping Behavior,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 46 (2), 317-337.

- Biswas, Dipayan, Courtney Szocs, Roger Chacko, and Brian Wansink (2017), “Shining Light on Atmospherics: How Ambient Light Influences Food Choices,” Journal of Marketing Research, February, 111-123.

        This article has an Altmetric score of 539, which is the highest Attention Score among all JMR papers: https://sage.altmetric.com/details/7315996
        Received media coverage by Food Network, Men’s Health, etc.

- Romero, Marisabel and Dipayan Biswas (2016), “Healthy Left, Unhealthy Right: Can Displaying Healthy Items to the Left (versus Right) of Unhealthy Items Nudge Healthier Choices?” Journal of Consumer Research, 43 (1), 103-112.

         This article has an Altmetric score of 30, which is among the top 5% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric:        


- Szocs, Courtney and Dipayan Biswas (2016), “Forks Over Spoons: The Impact of Cutlery on Calorie Estimates,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, January issue, 1 (1), 161-174.

- Szocs, Courtney, Dipayan Biswas, and Adilson Borges (2016), “Cheers to Haptic Sensations and Alcohol Consumption: How Glassware Weight Impacts Perceived Intoxication and Positive Emotions,” Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 1 (4), 569-578.

- Szocs, Courtney and Dipayan Biswas (2016), “Tasting in 2D: Implications of Food Shape, Visual Cues, and Oral Haptic Sensory Inputs,” Marketing Letters, 27 (4), 753-764.

- Biswas, Dipayan, Courtney Szocs, Aradhna Krishna, and Donald R. Lehmann (2014), “Something to Chew on: The Effects of Oral Haptics on Mastication, Orosensory Perception, and Calorie Estimation,” Journal of Consumer Research, 41 (August), 261-273.
          This article has an Altmetric score of 92, which is a 98% Percentile Attention Score:  https://oxfordjournals.altmetric.com/details/2266816
          Received coverage by 100+ media outlets, including by NY Times, Men’s Health, Women’s Health Redbook, etc.

- Biswas, Dipayan, Lauren Labrecque, Donald R. Lehmann, and Ereni Markos (2014), “Making Choices While Smelling, Tasting, and Listening: The Role of Sensory (Dis)similarity When Sequentially Sampling Products,” Journal of Marketing, 78 (1), 112-126.

- Biswas, Dipayan and Cornelia Pechmann (2012), “What Do these Clinical Trial Results Mean? How Product Efficacy Judgments are affected by Data Partitioning, Framing, and Quantification,” Organizational Behavior & Human Decision Processes, 117 (March), 341-350.

- Biswas, Dipayan, Robin Keller, and Bidisha Burman (2012), “Making Probability Judgments of Future Product Failures: The Role of Mental Unpacking,” Journal of Consumer Psychology, 22 (2), 237-248.

- Biswas, Dipayan, Guangzhi Zhao, and Donald R. Lehmann (2011), “The Impact of Sequential Data on Consumer Confidence in Relative Judgments,” Journal of Consumer Research, 37 (February), 874-887.

- Biswas, Dipayan, Dhruv Grewal, and Anne Roggeveen (2010), “How the Order of Sampled Experiential Products Affects Choice,” Journal of Marketing Research, 47 (3), 508-519.

Vienna University of Economics and Business (Austria); University of Bayreuth (Germany); LMU-Munich (Germany), University of Amsterdam (Netherlands); RWTH-Aachen (Germany); Yale University (Academic-Practitioner Conference); New York University (Academic-Practitioner Conference); University of Magdeburg (Germany); UiT (Norway); Linnaeus University (Sweden); University of Lorraine (France); Reims Management School (France); IDRAC (France); University of Manitoba (Canada); Indian School of Business (India); INSEEC (France); Kent State University (USA); Florida International University (USA); DLG Food Testing Agency (Germany); IBM Center for Social Software (Cambridge, MA); Nokia (Finland) (2010).

I have collaborated on research projects with several companies across multiple countries (USA, France, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, India, and Finland). Prominent among these include a major global restaurant chain (headquartered in the USA), a major airport retail chain (including a duty-free store) based in the USA, hotel chains (headquartered in the USA and in Europe), a major theme park based in Florida, major retail chains (headquartered in the USA and in Europe), an airport (in Europe), a global champagne brand (in France), several cafes and restaurants, supermarkets (in USA and in Europe), the food/cafeteria division of one of the largest school districts in the US, and hospitals (based in the USA and Asia), among others.