I am Exide Professor of Business & Professor of Marketing at University of South Florida.

My research interests are in managerially/practically relevant behavioral research in the domain of sensory marketing. Most of my research projects have strong implications for health and wellbeing of consumers and the findings of my research have implications for retailing, food/beverage marketing, and digital marketing.

My key research areas are:

- Sensory Marketing: Food & Health; Consumer Welfare & Wellbeing; Sensory Aspects of Retail Atmospherics; Experiential Marketing; Sensory Aspects of Services Marketing; Implications for Healthcare.
Digital Marketing: Sensory and Interactive Aspects of Digital Marketing; Sensory Elements of Digital Environments.

My research has been published in Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of Marketing, and Journal of Marketing Research, among other journals.

Several of my published papers have high Altmetric scores (“which examine each article’s record of attention, measure of dissemination, and indicator of influence and impact”: JCR website). For example, my 2017 JMR and 2019 JMR papers have the highest and second highest Altmetric scores among all JMR papers.

I serve on the editorial review boards of:

Journal of Marketing

Journal of Marketing Research

Journal of Consumer Research (from January 2021)

Journal of Public Policy & Marketing

I serve as Area Editor of Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and Associate Editor of Journal of Retailing

I have received grants/awards funded by NSF, USDA, ACR, AMA, and AMS.

I have collaborated on research and/or consulting projects with multiple companies across several countries (USA, Sweden, Netherlands, France, India, Germany, Norway) and the research findings have directly influenced business practices of many companies. 

My research has been covered by over 200 media outlets worldwide (e.g., ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, NY Times, Washington Post, etc.).